Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance was founded in 1967, in 2017 they merged with UTZ. They work to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities and help them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. The Rainforest Alliance certification seal indicates that a farm, forest, or tourism enterprise has been audited to meet enviornmental and social standards.

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Standard Summary

Agricultural products: 

  • The product or ingredient was grown on farms certified to the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard and/or the UTZ Code of Conduct.

Forestry products: 

  • Products such as paper and cardboard packaging are sourced from forests certified to the standard of the Forest Stewardship Council® and the business applying the seal is a member of the Forest Allies Initiative.

  • All products, except palm oil and herbal teas, must contain at least 90 percent of the certified ingredient

  • In-person audits every 3 years

  • Certificates are valid for 3 years

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